Colorado – More than 100 pot shops could open by Jan. 1st

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picture of marijuana cigarette

Marijuana is classified by the DEA as a Schedule I drug, meaning it has no medicinal value and a high probablity of abuse.

AP Reports: DENVER—Colorado could have more than 100 recreational-marijuana stores open Jan. 1, according to newly released numbers from the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division.

The division accepted 136 applications in October from people seeking to open recreational pot shops, The Denver Post reported Saturday (

A decision on the applications will be made by the end of the year, said Julie Postlethwait, a spokeswoman for the Marijuana Enforcement Division. That means the businesses are in line to open Jan. 1, the earliest date for recreational marijuana sales in Colorado.

By law, all the applications came from people currently operating medical-marijuana businesses in Colorado.

The state currently has 517 medical-marijuana dispensaries, 138 medical-marijuana-infused products businesses and 736 medical-marijuana-cultivation facilities.

“It’s expensive,” Meg Collins, the executive director of the Cannabis Business Alliance, said in explaining why so few medical-marijuana businesses are seeking to add a recreational component. “In the discussions I’ve had with folks, I think that one of the things that possibly forestalled people from immediately jumping in is the financial consideration.”

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