List of Colorado Retail Marijuana Stores

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Colorado legal marijuana

On December 22, 2013 the State of Colorado released a list of approved retail marijuana stores

On Monday, December 23, Colorado became the first state in the U.S. to issue licenses to sell recreational marijuana.

The Marijuana Enforcement Division mailed 136 retail marijuana licenses to stores throughout the state, which will start selling marijuana for recreational purposes on January 1, 2014 (as long as they are approved by local officials). Also issued were licenses for 178 marijuana cultivation facilities and 31 companies who will produce marijuana-infused edibles.

The vast majority of retail licenses were issued in the Denver area, leaving only 34 licenses for the rest of the state.

Licensed Marijuana Retailers in Colorado

1617 WAZEE STREET, LLC 1617 Wazee Street, Unit B Denver CO 80202
3-D DENVER'S DISCREET DISPENSARY LLC 4305 Brighton Boulevard Denver CO 80216
4625 EAST COLFAX, LLC 4625 East Colfax Avenue Denver CO 80220
5110 RACE, LLC 5110 Race Street Denver CO 80216
5280 MEDS/WELLNESS 1321 Elati Street Denver CO 80204
A CUT OFF THE TOP MEDICAL MARIJUANA, LLC 2059 West 9th Avenue, Unit A Denver CO 80204
ADVANCED MEDICAL ALTERNATIVES LLC 1269-71 Elati Street Denver CO 80204
ALCC LLC 2748 West Alameda Avenue Denver CO 80219
ALPENGLOW BOTANICALS, LLC 1805 Airport Road, #B1C & B1B Breckenridge CO 80424
ALPINE WELLNESS LLC 300 West Colorado Avenue Telluride CO 81435
ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE ON THE MALL, LLC 910 16th Street, Suite 805 Denver CO 80202
ALTITUDE WELLNESS CENTER LLC 3435 South Yosemite Street, Suite 200 Denver CO 80231
ANNIE'S TOBACCO EMPORIUM, LLC 135 Nevada Street Central City CO 80427
AREN & DAVE'S DREAM, LLC 1402 Argentine Street Georgetown CO 80444
BIOENERGETIC HEALING CENTER LLC 842 North Summit Boulevard, #13 Frisco CO 80443
BOTANACARE LLC 11450 Cherokee Street, #A5, A6, A7 Northglenn CO 80234
BOTANICO, INC. 3054 Larimer Street Denver CO 80205
BRECKENRIDGE CANNABIS CLUB LLC 226 South Main Street Breckenridge CO 80424
BUD MED HEALTH CENTERS, LLC 2517 Sheridan Boulevard Edgewater CO 80214
CAM CORP 2394 South Broadway Denver CO 80210
CANNABIS KING, LLC 1131 West Custer Place, Unit A Denver CO 80223
CAREGIVERS FOR LIFE LLC 310 Saint Paul Street Denver CO 80206
CHOICE ORGANICS, INC. 813 Smithfield Drive, Units C & D Fort Collins CO 80524
CITI-MED, LLC 1640 East Evans Avenue Denver CO 80210
CJJ SERVICES, LLC 5885 East Evans Avenue Denver CO 80222
CLOUD 9 CAREGIVERS 2506 6th Avenue Garden City CO 80631
CMED, LLC 615 Buggy Circle, Unit D Carbondale CO 81623
CO-AGRONOMICS LLC 2020 South Broadway Denver CO 80210
COLORADO CARE FACILITY, INC. 5130 East Colfax Denver CO 80220
COLORADO HEALTH CONSULTANTS, LLC 4690 North Brighton Boulevard Denver CO 80216
COLORADO PRODUCT SERVICES 580 Main Street, Suite 300 Carbondale CO 81623
COLORADO WELLNESS CENTERS LLC 2490 West 2nd Avenue Denver CO 80223
COLORADO WELLNESS INC 2057 South Broadway Denver CO 80210
COMPASSIONATE CARE GIVERS, INC. 1201 20th Street Denver CO 80205
COMPASSIONATE CARE GIVERS, INC. 1233 West Alameda Avenue Denver CO 80223
COMPASSIONATE CARE GIVERS, INC. 1538 Wazee Street Denver CO 80202
COOPER MASON VENTURES LLC 520 East Cooper Avenue, LL2 Aspen CO 81611
CURE MEDICAL PHARM INC 990 West 6th Avenue, #5 Denver CO 80204
DELTA 9 ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE LLC 2262 South Broadway Denver CO 80210
DENCO, LLC 3460 Park Avenue West, Unit D Denver CO 80216
DENVER DISPENSARY, LLC 4975 Vasquez Boulevard Denver CO 80216
DENVER RELIEF LLC 1 Broadway, #A-150 Denver CO 80203
DGS, INC. 1881 South Broadway Denver CO 80210
DISCOUNT MEDICAL MARIJUANA 2028 East Colfax Avenue Denver CO 80206
DISCOUNT MEDICAL MARIJUANA 970 Lincoln Street Denver CO 80203
DKC, LLC 2615 Welton Street Denver CO 80205
DOCTORS ORDERS, LLC 1406 West 38th Avenue Denver CO 80211
EVERGREEN APOTHECARY, LLC 1568 South Broadway Denver CO 80210
EVER-GREEN HERBAL REMEDIES, LLC 15 Colorado Boulevard, Unit A Idaho Springs CO 80452
FLAVORED ESSENTIALS, LLC 3955 Oneida Street Denver CO 80207
F-SQUARED INDUSTRIES, LLC 330 South Dayton Denver CO 80247
GANJA GOURMET, LLC 1810 South Broadway Denver CO 80210
GG MERCANTILE 1332 South Cherokee Street Denver CO 80223
GOLDEN MEDS, INC. 4620 Peoria Street Denver CO 80239
GREEN GRASS, LLC 440 Lawrence Street Central City CO 80427
GREENER PASTURE COMPASSION CENTER, LLC 5101 East Colfax Avenue Denver CO 80220
GREENWERKZ, LLC 5840 West 25th Avenue Denver CO 80214
HCH2, LLC 40 South Main Street Alma CO 80420
HERBAL ALTERNATIVES LLC 2568 South Broadway Denver CO 80210
HERB'S NEST, LLC 3900 East 48th Avenue Denver CO 80216
HIGH COUNTRY SUPPLY, LLC 1178 South Kalamath Street Denver CO 80223
HIGHLANDS WELLNESS CENTER, LLC 3460 West 32nd Avenue Denver CO 80211
HOLLY MEDICINAL SERVICES, LLC 3888 East Mexico Avenue, Suite 110 Denver CO 80210
IVITA WELLNESS LLC 3980 Franklin Street Denver CO 80205
IVITA WELLNESS LLC 1660 Pearl Street Denver CO 80203
JGB VENTURES LLC 3835 Elm Street, Unit B & C Denver CO 80207
JOIS LLC 3700 West Quincy Avenue, #3702 Denver CO 80236
JS INVESTMENTS 401 16th Street Denver CO 80202
KAYAK CORPORATION 1325 South Inca Street, Suite A Denver CO 80223
KAZIMER, LLC 1450 South Santa Fe Drive, Unit 102 Denver CO 80223
LIGHTSHADE LABS LLC 3950 Holly Street Denver CO 80207
LIVE GREEN CONSULTING, LLC 4000 Morrison Road Denver CO 80219
MAGNA MARKETING, INC. 20 East 9th Avenue Denver CO 80203
MARISOL THERAPEUTICS, LLC 922 East Kimble Drive Pueblo CO 81007
MAYFLOWER GROUP, LLC 1736 Downing Street Denver CO 80218
MEDICINAL WELLNESS CENTER LLC 5430 West 44th Avenue Denver CO 80212
MEDICINAL WELLNESS CENTER LLC 6359 East Evans Avenue Denver CO 80222
METRO CANNABIS INC 8151 East Colfax Avenue Denver CO 80220
METROPOLIS MEDICAL, LLC 4600 Ironton Street Denver CO 80239
MGI INC 4125 Elati Street Denver CO 80216
MILAGRO WELLNESS HEALING LLC 1181 County Road 308 Dumont CO 80436
MILE HIGH MEDICAL CANNABIS, LLC 1705 North Federal Boulevard Denver CO 80204
MILE HIGH MEDICAL, LLC 2042 Arapahoe Street Denver CO 80205
MILE HIGH THERAPEUTIC NETWORK LLC 1568 South Federal Boulevard Denver CO 80219
MMD OF COLORADO LLC 2609 Walnut Street Denver CO 80205
MMD OF COLORADO LLC 3954 Williams Street Denver CO 80205
MMST, LLC 1724 South Broadway Denver CO 80210
NATURAL CHOICE CO-OP 2835 Downhill Plaza, Unit 603 Steamboat Springs CO 80487
NATURAL HIGH LLC 1013 Poplar Street, Unit One Leadville CO 80461
NATURES CURE III, LLC 1500 East Colfax Avenue Denver CO 80218
NATURES CURE LLC 4283 West Florida Avenue Denver CO 80219
NATURE'S HERBS & WELLNESS CENTER 522 27th Street Greeley CO 80631
NEW WORLD ALTERNATIVE HEALTHCARE LLC 135 South Spruce Street Telluride CO 81435
NORTH FEDERAL, LLC 74 Federal Boulevard Denver CO 80219
NORTHERN LIGHTS NATURALS, LLC 2045 Sheridan Boulevard, Suite B Denver CO 80214
NUTRITIONAL ELEMENTS, INC. 2777 South Colorado Boulevard Denver CO 80222
O LIMITED 1 West First Street, Unit 1D Nederland CO 80466
ORGANIC GREENS, INC. 1620 Market Street, Suite 5W Denver CO 80202
ORGANIX, LLC 1795 Airport Road, A2 Breckenridge CO 80424
PAIN MANAGEMENT OF GOVERNORS PARK, LLC 745 East 6th Avenue Denver CO 80203
PATIENTS CHOICE OF COLORADO, LLC 2251 South Broadway Denver CO 80210
PHYSICIAN PREFERRED PRODUCTS LLC 2100 East 112th Avenue, #5 Northglenn CO 80233
PUEBLO WEST ORGANICS LLC 609 East Enterprise Drive, Suite 130 Pueblo CO 81007
RIVERROCK LLC 4935 York Street Denver CO 80216
RK ENTERPRISES LTD 2730 Downhill Plaza, #106 Steamboat Springs CO 80487
ROCKY MOUNTAIN CAREGIVERS INC 2601 West Alameda Avenue Denver CO 80219
ROCKY MOUNTAIN FARMACY INC 4095 Jackson Street Denver CO 80216
SENSE OF HEALING LLC 1005 Federal Boulevard Denver CO 80204
SERENE WELLNESS LLC 13 East Park Avenue Empire CO 80438
STONE T.M.C., LLC 4820 Morrison Road Denver CO 80219
SUMMIT WELLNESS LLC 2117 Larimer Street, #1 Denver CO 80205
SUNRISE SOLUTIONS, LLC 43 Main Street Bailey CO 80421
SWEETWATER PARTNERS, LLC 330 East Colfax Avenue Denver CO 80203
TELLURIDE GREEN ROOM LLC 250 South Fir Street, #5 & #6 Telluride CO 81435
TETRA HYDRO CENTER LLC 9206 East Hampden Avenue Denver CO 80231
THE GIVING TREE OF DENVER LLC 2707 West 38th Avenue Denver CO 80211
THE GREEN SOLUTION LLC 470 Malley Drive Northglenn CO 80233
THE GREEN SOLUTION LLC 4400 Grape Street Denver CO 80216
THE HERBAL CENTER, LLC 1909 South Broadway Denver CO 80210
THE HERBAL CURE LLC 985 South Logan Street Denver CO 80209
THE KINE MINE LLC 2818 Colorado Boulevard Idaho Springs CO 80452
THE PURPLE DRAGON, LLC 2243 Federal Boulevard Denver CO 80211
THE TEA POT, LLC 2008 Federal Boulevard Denver CO 80211
TMED LLC 3944 North High Street Denver CO 80205
TREATMENTS UNLIMITED, LLC 6858 East Evans Avenue Denver CO 80224
TZ FINANCIAL, LLC 191 Blue River Parkway Silverthorne CO 80498
URBAN CANNABIS, LLC 2383 South Downing Street Denver CO 80210
WALKING RAVEN, LLC 2001 South Broadway Denver CO 80210
WANNA LLC 183 West Alameda Avenue Denver CO 80223
WDG, INC. 5926 East Colfax Avenue Denver CO 80220
WESTERN REMEDIES LLC 777 Canosa Court, #102 Denver CO 80204


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